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  "American history for grownups ..." *


George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and the Frontier Rebels Who Challenged America's Newfound Sovereignty

by William Hogeland

Scribner, 2006

with three original maps by Jack Ryan

“Every American who values the history of how liberty and authority have stood in dynamic tension throughout the last three centuries should read this luminous book.”
    --Gary Nash, Professor of History, UCLA; National Center for History in the Schools

“Makes the great men seem all too human.”--Los Angeles Times Book Review.  “Conjures up a lively post-Revolutionary War world.”--New York Times Book Review.    “Did I mention that this work reads like a suspense novel? It is this good. Try it, you'll like it.”--Guy hawking a copy on eBay.     More reviews


  • “Our Founding Lame Duck,” William Hogeland's op-ed on George Washington's last year in office, ran in The New York Times on Presidents Day 2008. The piece was blogged by History News Network, the American Historical Association , and others.
  • “Inventing Alexander Hamilton,” Hogeland's essay critiquing David Brooks, Richard Brookhiser, Ron Chernow, the Brookings Institution, and other exponents of the Alexander Hamilton revival, appears in the November/December 2007 issue of The Boston Review; the essay was blogged by Andrew Sullivan, Arts & Letters Daily, Lew Rockwell, and many others.
  • Blackwell's Companion. Hogeland has contributed the chapter on early American insurrections to the forthcoming Blackwell's Companion to American Military History.
  • Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. The Whiskey Rebellion was reviewed by Paul Douglas Newman, Ph.D., in the summer 2007 issue of PMHB, the venerable scholarly quarterly. Newman praises the book's historiographical scope and “page-turning” style and concludes that “the general public could not wish for a better book on the Whiskey Rebellion.”
  • The Religious Left. Hogeland's article on the Whiskey Rebellion and the 18th-century evangelical left appears in the July/August 2007 issue of Tikkun.
  • American Historical Association, 121st Annual Meeting, Jan. 4-7, 2007. Atlanta: At a session of the Organization of History Teachers, Hogeland gave a talk on using The Whiskey Rebellion as a teaching resource.
  • "Our Founding Illegals," Hogeland's op-ed on immigration in the founding period, ran in The New York Times on December 27, 2006, reaching #5 “most e-mailed” Times article. The piece was picked up by The Sacramento Bee, The San Diego Union Tribune, and The Minneapolis Star Tribune .
  • East Central / American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Annual Meeting, Oct. 26-29, 2006, Gettysburg College. Hogeland delivered his paper "The Un-French Radicalism of the Whiskey Rebels" on the panel "France and England at War." Convention program

  • PBS “History Detectives,” Sept. 4., 2006 Hogeland discussed the rebellion with historian Gwen Wright on a segment of the top-rated show. Summary and transcript

  • National Alcohol Beverage Control Association, Board of Directors Meeting (NABCA), September 10-12, 2006, Aspen. For NABCA directors, Hogeland gave a keynote speech on the rebellion .

  • Brooklyn Bourbon Festival, Sept. 22, 2006. Hogeland signed books, sipped old rye, picked a little banjo, and met members of the band The Whiskey Rebellion (!) at this popular annual event run by LeNell's Wine and Spirit Boutique in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


    * "American history for grownups ... Makes even public finance theories a page-turner."
    --Bourbon County Reader

    "From the Pennsylvania frontier to Alexander Hamilton's maneuverings at the highest levels of government, Hogeland tells a good tale. ... renderings of Washington and Hamilton, as well as local figures, make the great men seem all too human."
    --Jon Meacham, author of American Gospel; Los Angeles Times Book Review

    "An exciting, page-turning narrative. What is different is Hogeland's pure ability to tell a story and tell it well ... The general public could not wish for a better book on the Whiskey Rebellion"
    --Paul Douglas Newman, Ph.D., Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography

    "Hogeland infuses his debut with a uniquely contemporary agon, fraught with parallels to America’s current wars ... But the most engaging conflict is within the characters, not between them. ... Treats ambivalence about the conflict brilliantly.”"
    --Washington City Paper

    "Hogeland writes like a novelist, reports like a newsman ... and makes historic judgments of a man who has done his homework."
    --Blue Ridge Business Journal

    "This is the most compelling and dramatically rendered story of the Whiskey Rebellion ever written. It is so riveting that one almost imagines being on the Pennsylvania frontier when the benighted farmers resisted the federal government and tried to cope with the huge army sent west to bludgeon them into submission. Hogeland unravels complex economic issues, shifting political ideologies, and legal maneuverings with uncommon skill, and he has brought to life in beautifully polished prose a cast of characters: insurgent farmers wearing blackface, religious mystics, radical intellectuals, stiff-necked financiers, land speculators, and -- of course -- Hamilton, Washington, and other iconic figures of the revolutionary era who heaped wrath on the hardscrabble inheritors of revolutionary radicalism. Every American who values the history of how liberty and authority have stood in dynamic tension throughout the last three centuries should read this luminous book."
    -- Gary Nash, Professor Emeritus of History, UCLA; Director, National Center for History in the Schools

    "Eminently readable, told with brio."
    --Pittsburgh City Paper

    "A great read -- and an intelligent, insightful, and bold look at an overlooked but vital incident in American history."
    --Kevin Baker, author of Strivers Row

    “Hogeland's research is exhaustive and often archival, his every statement of fact is properly backed up with evidence, his subject is both important and hitherto neglected, and his conclusions boldly challenge the historiographic mainstream. His book, The Whiskey Rebellion, is also a stirring, page-turning narrative."
    --William R. Everdell, Dean of Humanities, Saint Ann’s School, Brooklyn, New York; author of The End of Kings and The First Moderns.

    "Captures the drama, danger and importance of the period."
    --Pittsburgh Sunday Post-Gazette

    "A fast-paced , blow-by-blow account ... judicious, spirited, lucid ... a perceptive parable about the pursuit of political plans no matter what the cost to the nation's unity."
    --Publishers Weekly

    "Vigorous, revealing... invites critical reconsideration of a founding father or two."
    --Kirkus Reviews

    "Important history, carefully researched and written with verve. ... Vivid, lively, colorful."

    "Provocative ... he knows how to tell an exciting story."

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